Instructing us

In order for us to advise you, we are required to go through a number of processes. These are in part for your own protection and to prevent issues such as identity fraud.

Once you have indicated that you would like to instruct us, we will send you what is known as a ‘Terms of Business’ or ‘Client Care’ letter and ask you for some identification documents. It is only once we have completed our checks and accepted you as a client that our work can begin.

The Terms of Business Letter explains what the work is that you want us to do, who will be doing the work and the charging rates that will apply. It will also ask for you to provide us with some information about you and your case. If you want to proceed, then please return this to us.

As part of our process, we need to ask you for some original identification. This needs to include something with your photograph and something else with your home address. The letter that we send will explain this in more detail.

Please note that we do require original copies of ID, or alternatively it is possible to submit what is known as ‘certified copies’. These can be obtained from places such as some post offices and banks. If you already have a solicitor, they might be willing provide a verification.

If none of these options work for you, then it might also be possible for us to undertake checks with an independent third-party provider. There is a charge for this service of £75+VAT.

Until we have completed our checks and confirmed that we accept you as a client, you need to be aware that any conversations that we have with you are informal and should not be relied upon. Such conversations are conditional upon you agreeing to this.